Jo&Margot | About
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The charm of feeling unique, the luxury of being yourself.

Jo&Margot is born from the desire to express your own personality, from the desire to stand out and create your own original style, different from common trends.

Jo&Margot is synonymous of Made in Italy glamour, an unmistakable style that is the result of the celebrated Italian craftsmanship know-how. Jo&Margot wants to elevate the accessory as an emblem of identity and authenticity, of a journey each time different among your aspirations and inspirations.

Jo&Margot proposes eyewear collections with a refined style, which become a new way to express yourself and your love for an original, exclusive fashion. An attitude in which stands out the passion for precious materials and craftsmanship, such as the satin and diamond metal effect, able to generate unique and unmistakable eyewear.

Jo&Margot‘s work is dedicated to the conception and creation of a fashion product based on an important aesthetic, functional, qualitative research, which translates into attractive and fascinating designs, special workmanship and the use of precious materials such as Italian silk inserted in acetate models. 

Jo&Margot collections are designed for those looking for an exclusive, unique, authentic style, for those who want to interpret the contemporary lifestyle in a different and personal way.




Personal style is not about choosing an accessory, it is about a journey, looking for unexpected, unique destinations, and this makes it even more valuable.
It is a journey through which one can learn to express one’s uniqueness, through the constant discovery of multiple points of view, to make final approach, then, to a personal harmony of different inspirations.
It is a different fashion, thanks to which style and glamour blend in an unprecedented aesthetic, which is not the trend of the moment, that is ephemeral, created in a cautious manner and discarded just as quickly by definition.
This is what Pursue a different fashion stands for: a journey dictated by the desire to stand out, to feel exceptional, to express themselves according to one’s own rules. This is the search for a new fashion, unapproved by others and unique.
Jo&Margot means taking this trip and making it a contemporary, glamorous style that exalts the wearer. It means interpreting trends according to their own rules, since beauty has no limits or barriers. It means looking for a different fashion, made for oneself.
Continue in a different fashion, access a glamorous world where good taste meets personality, creating a new balance and following an authentic style. Get to know Jo&Margot and let yourself be inspired. Be unique, unrepeatable. Let it be your peculiarity to emerge, freed from chains imposed by yourself and others.
Jo&Margot glasses are the symbol of this journey, the key to accessing an unmistakable style, season after season.